Roberto Barrios

Location of experience:
Caribbean and Central America; North America; Asia

Type of disaster work:
Disaster recovery; Sustainability/Resilience/Mitigation; Climate change and climate change adaptation

Primary Interests:
Disaster recovery; Sustainability/Resilience/Mitigation; Climate change and climate change mitigation; Governance; Migration/Displacement/Resettlement

During the last 18 years I have conducted anthropological research on community reconstruction. I am particularly interested in the ways recovery plans and reconstruction projects conceived and executed by expert actors (e.g. urban planners, NGO program manages) articulate a number of assumptions about the nature of being human and community wellbeing. At the same time I have remained interested in the ways disaster affected populations navigate the material and social landscapes recovery plans and projects manifest before them and how they refashion or contest them. My work has important implications for the practice of disaster reconstruction and I became interested in CADAN because of the opportunities it offers to transform anthropological knowledge into praxis.