Advisory Board

The CADAN Advisory Board was established in January 2018 to support the mission and development of the CADAN network. Advisory Board members are leaders and experts who represent all aspects of disaster management, recovery, DRR, and climate change adaptation. They are also people who understand the value of placing local cultural knowledge at the center of designs for DRM policy and programs.
Emel Ganapati

Location of experience: Turkey; Haiti; Nepal

Type of disaster work: Disaster recovery

Primary Interests: Public participation; Social capital; Disaster governance; Social vulnerability; Resilience

Seeta Giri

Location of experience: South Asia; Southeast Asia; Africa

Type of disaster work: Humanitarian response; Disaster risk reduction and recovery; Climate change and climate change adaptation

Primary Interests: Livelihoods; Local values and practices; Community resilience; Create solutions in the field to inform policy; Institutional capacity development for risk reduction and recovery

Mo Hamza

Location of experience: West and East Africa; Middle East; South Asia

Type of disaster work: Disaster response; Climate change adaptation; Climate and migration

Primary Interests: Migration and displacement; Climate change and climate change adaptation; Social vulnerability; Capacity development; Disaster risk reduction

Susanna Hoffman

Location of experience: International; Europe; North America; Asia

Type of disaster work: Risk perception; Event; Recovery; Culture and ideology

Primary Interests: Theory and analysis; Entire risk and disaster problematic