Our Mission

Who We Are

The Culture and Disaster Action Network (CADAN) is a network of anthropologists, social scientists, and practitioners interested in working to build and integrate cultural comprehension into the work of disaster risk reduction and disaster recovery. The initial group was established in Fall 2016 following a workshop designed to bring academics and practitioners concerned with these topics into conversation geared toward actionable outcomes.

What We Do

The CADAN network operates as a point of contact for disaster professionals in government, NGO’s and the private sector to connect with researchers and educators from academic institutions, to float ideas, identify collaborators, and create partnerships.

Many projects are now underway among subgroups of the CADAN network including the development of a learning module to demonstrate how cultural considerations can be integrated into US-based disaster response and recovery efforts and the development of a flexible, operational plan for integrating culture into disaster risk reduction for use among international disaster specialists. A CADAN team presented “Culture-based DRR” in May 2017 at the UN Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction.

Our Mission

DRR practitioners can learn the methods to prioritize cultural knowledge, inclusiveness, and participatory approaches. CADAN seeks to partner with communities of practice to share this knowledge and to enhance DRR effectiveness.