AJ Faas

Location of experience:
South America; North America

Type of disaster work:
Disaster response; Disaster recovery; Displacement and resettlement

Primary Interests:
Social organization; Economy; Postcolonialism; Statecraft; Memory

I was motivated to participate in CADAN because my work studying disasters in Mexico, Ecuador, and the United States has led me to focus on a wide range of problems that can be considered “cultural” in a broad sense. That is, I feel it is important to focus on how people see and experience “difference” in contrast with what they consider familiar and therefore “natural,” and the ways in which this often limits our sense of how disasters are produced and the possibilities of preventing them and recovering from them. In CADAN I found a group of likeminded—but not too likeminded—applied scholars who are interested in learning more about these persistent problems and finding creative ways to address them in policy and practice.