Alessandra Jerolleman

Co-Chair, CADAN Training and Education

Location of experience:
North America; Caribbean and Central America; Europe

Type of disaster work:
Disaster recovery; Disaster risk reduction; Planning

Primary Interests:
Sustainability, resilience, and mitigation; Governance; Migration, displacement, and resettlement; Climate change and climate change adaptation; Emergency management / Disaster management

I have seen disaster risk reduction, and hazard mitigation, efforts fail repeatedly due to a failure to fully consider local needs, practices, and perceptions.  In many cases, I have seen these efforts exacerbate vulnerability and disenfranchise communities.  What strikes the most is that I have seen this occur in academic, practitioner, and policy worlds.  As a professional with involvement across all three, I am very interested in how collaborative and transdisciplinary models can lead to change, in both mind sets and policy.