Namrita Singh

Chair, CADAN Outreach and Communication

Location of experience:
Europe; Middle East/North Africa (MENA); North America

Type of disaster work:
Conflict; Health; Humanitarian response

Primary Interests:
Migration, displacement, and resettlement; Community; Disaster recovery; Social vulnerability

I became a part of CADAN to join with other researchers and practitioners who are invested in humanitarian programming that is contextually relevant and responsive to community priorities and experiences. I am a public health scientist who specializes in social and behavioral interventions. I work to promote community mental health and psychosocial recovery through and after conflict and political violence. My research experiences have been with displaced persons, military veterans, and other war-affected groups in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, the Middle East, and North America; I have also worked on other public health projects in Central and South Asia. In each of these sites, the critical importance of community and social connectedness has been illuminated, as has the potential for collective resilience and transformation. Being part of an integrated community myself, of committed advocates for appropriate disaster response, was thus an evidence-based decision!