Sarah Powell

Location of experience:
North America, Republic of Ireland

Type of disaster work:
Emergency management; Risk management; Disaster behavioral health; Public health preparedness; All-hazards planning: response, mitigation, recovery

Primary Interests:
Evidence-informed practice; Social and cultural capital; Psycho-social impacts; Organizational culture; Diversity; Strategic planning and implementation; Disaster recovery and resilience

CADAN provides what I have long been looking for – a cadre of committed researchers and practioners in disaster studies & emergency management. My early work in public health quickly confirmed that preparedness planning requires insight into human behavior, psychology, community, and culture. As a trained anthropologist, this understanding has driven all the work that I do, but social science research and understandings of culture do not always filter down to on-the-ground practice and implementation. I’d love to see that evolve, especially as we better understand the far-reaching impacts of disaster. The CADAN group favors an approach to evidence-based practice that harnesses curiosity, empathy, and continual exploration in order to obtain deep insights. With a diverse scope of expertise and a commitment to breaking down silos, I look forward to engaging in cross-disciplinary applications that can bring a breath of fresh air to this critical field of study.