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Successful Recovery

We found

Traditional technology for water resources

  • Traditional method of water management and rationing
  • Traditional structures in disrepair ……….
  • Replaced by “modern” externally introduced tanks


  • “ Birkets” – traditional community level rainwater catchment reservoirs
    • Serve one community for entire period dry season 3-5 months
  • Built on existing local strategies for water management
    • demonstrated respect for local solutions and technology
    • improvements did not change basic familiar technology
      • larger, stronger, more durable
      • more efficient – prevented evaporation
      • more sanitary – prevented animals and debris
  • Used existing/familiar social system of management built with community voluntary labor à ownership an pride  social systems for community cooperation  respect for local solutions
  • (usable also for disaster relief by refilling with tanker trucks)
  • (funding rejected by traditional donors; used alternate funds)