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Who Lives

The First Question For Disaster Professionals To Ask.
The Answer Makes All The Difference.

CADAN is the
Culture and Disaster
Action Network

We are a growing group of social scientists and practitioners devoted to helping disaster professionals address that first question: Who Lives Here?

The mission of CADAN is to take action that can build and integrate cultural comprehension into the work of disaster risk reduction and disaster recovery. The network also operates as a point of contact for disaster professionals in government, NGOs and non-profits, and the private sector to connect with researchers and educators from academic institutions. CADAN members are available to float ideas, identify collaborators, and create partnerships.

Arc of Recovery

In this graphic created by CADAN, we illustrate our fundamental message: putting people first. In disaster recovery contexts, the focus on rebuilding material life continues to overlook how meeting cultural needs can support human resilience. When risk reduction, response and recovery specialists use culture as a lens, they hold the focus on people as integral parts of families, social groups and communities. This approach ensures more efficient use of limited resources and more sustainable, effective outcomes.

The rainbow colors convey common categories of recovery work following disaster. The cultural group at the center of these systems of recovery indicate that local values and practices infuse every category of recovery with relevant meaning.